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12 07 2018

All Invaro Group brands under one roof!

The activities of Schouten will move from Kampen to Hoorn on 1 October 2019. The companies of the Invaro Group, which Schouten has been part of since 2012, come together in one building.


By allowing the three companies Schouten Agri Sorting Solutions, Bercomex Flower Processing Solutions and Invaro Services & Supplies to operate from one location, they can work together even better. This means, for example: exchanging knowledge more easily, innovating together, purchasing together and absorbing each other’s peaks in production. Customers will notice that: more innovation, considerably faster delivery and a higher quality service.

What changes for customers?

If you are a Schouten customer, not much will change. Your account manager will continue to visit you and our service staff are also available for you, as you are used to. We remain accessible on the telephone numbers that are known to you.
Only the visiting address of Schouten changes: Verlengde Lageweg 10, 1628 PM Hoorn

What changes for suppliers?

From October 1, 2019, the address for the delivery of goods for Schouten is:
Verlengde Lageweg 10, 1628 PM Hoorn
We will continue to be available at the telephone number you are familiar with. Also the billing and bank details will not change. In September your contact person will contact you about deliveries around 1 October.

Reason for relocating

The relocation is prompted by the space that will be freed up in the production hall in Hoorn. Both Schouten and Bercomex have recently made many changes to the production process. This ensures that the production time of the processing machines has become considerably shorter. We therefore produce more machines on the same number of square meters in the same time. As a result, we only need half of the production space in total. The building in Hoorn is now large enough to also carry out the work of Schouten. One business less reduces the costs considerably.

Not an easy decision

It has not been an easy decision to move Schouten. It is a family business that has been associated with Kampen for more than 50 years. The move has a major impact on our employees. We would like all employees to relocate to Hoorn. We look together for solutions to make the move workable for them.
However, the move offers us as a company many opportunities. It makes the Invaro Group fit for the future. Schouten also goes back to its roots: the company once started in Blokker in North Holland.

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