Together we can do more

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Invaro: Better together

As an entrepreneur in agriculture or horticulture you want to move forward. With innovative and effective solutions based on advanced techniques. Suitable for your situation and with optimum results. At Invaro we have everything to achieve that.
Invaro comes from the Latin verb innovare: innovate. And from innovative, intelligent and international. Varo stands for realistic, honest, loyal and socially skilled. These meanings represent exactly what we stand for.

Invaro is the holding of Bercomex, Schouten and Invaro Service and Supplies. As a holding, we can do even more for you. We have more specialized people who are ready for you. Have more expertise and possibilities to develop and design solutions. Have greater support for innovation and continuity. And offer an extensive service network to assist you. Together we go for the best result.

We are stronger together.

Expert in advanced systems for sorting and processing of agricultural products.

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Service partner of Schouten and Bercomex for installation, maintenance and repair. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Specialist in cut flower processing. From standard solutions to fully automated flower lines.

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Our core values

Together with pleasure

Working together is in our blood. We do it within our organization, but also outside of it. By immersing ourselves in your process, we come together with you to the solution with which you remain of added value in the market.


Our own R&D department pioneers with creative and innovative solutions. We listen to your questions, innovate continuously and take the lead. This way you not only apply today's solutions in your processes, but also those of tomorrow.


You have been getting what you need for eighty years. And preferably we take an extra step. We know what we are doing and we control the entire process, so that we realize what we come up with. We arrange everything from R&D to installation and installation, so that your solution pays for itself as quickly as possible.


Meeting entrepreneurs, discovering opportunities, coming up with solutions, supervising the process from design to placement and constantly innovating. Engaging in our profession gives us energy. Every day again.

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