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23 06 2023

Strategic collaboration


Bercomex, market leader in the supply of machines for the sorting and processing of cut flowers, and DERO GROUP, a specialist in robotic solutions for the food and horticulture industry, proudly announce a new strategic collaboration. This partnership aims to further automate the flower producing and processing industry with advanced robotic solutions.

By combining Bercomex’s technological knowledge and solutions in flower processing with the expertise of DERO GROUP in robotics, this collaboration offers significant benefits for customers. The flower industry will benefit from reduced labor needs, access to more data, higher production at lower costs, and improved quality of the end products.

Both Bercomex and DERO GROUP share a long-term vision committed to providing labor-saving solutions in an industry traditionally heavily dependent on manual (heavy) labor. This partnership is therefore of indefinite duration, emphasizing the joint commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Bercomex is known for its advanced machines for the flower sector, enabling seamless and efficient sorting and processing of cut flowers. With years of experience and continuous technological development, Bercomex continues to provide the market with high-quality solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

DERO GROUP has a proven track record as a specialist in robotic solutions for the food and horticulture industry. With decades of experience in designing and implementing advanced robot systems, DERO GROUP aims to increase the efficiency and continuity of handling processes, thereby increasing the profitability of its customers.

With this strategic partnership, Bercomex and DERO GROUP aim to collectively make a positive contribution to the flower industry by focusing on developing advanced automation solutions specifically tailored to user needs. The combined expertise and experience of both companies will form a solid foundation for developing innovative solutions that will strengthen the competitive position of customers.

“The strategic collaboration with DERO GROUP marks an important milestone for Bercomex and the flower industry as a whole,” says Gerben Schouten, CEO of Bercomex. “By combining our technological knowledge with DERO GROUP’s expertise in robotics, we aim to further automate the flower producing and processing industry. We are determined to jointly develop innovative solutions and play a leading role in creating a more efficient and automated future for the flower sector.”

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